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As the nation’s biggest trade fairs, the 2021 Cambodia Int’l Machinery Industry Fair (CIMIF) and Cambodia Int’l Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition (CTG) will be held August 22-25 at Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Center (Koh Pich). This year, there are 200 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions, including Cambodia, China, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, showcasing a broad range of innovative products and versatile solutions.

Organized by Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd, the grand event has won solid support from both government and industrial association in Cambodia, as it is co-organized by Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CCC), and Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC), and officially sponsored by Ministry of Commerce (MOC). 

One-Stop Trading Platform for Key Industrial Sectors

CIMIF and CTG have successfully incorporated all the aspects of key industrial sectors. CIMIF is the most comprehensive exhibition in Cambodia, covering plastics, packaging, printing, agriculture, auto parts & accessories, machine tools, hardware & tools, energy & electricity engineering, and lighting.

CTG is the only trade fair dedicated to the textile and garment industry in Cambodia, featuring all the crucial aspects of the industry, such as textile machinery & accessories, apparel machinery & accessories, fibers, filaments, yarn, and fabrics.

With the presence of numerous quality international and local exhibitors, trade visitors can easily locate optimal suppliers of whatever products they need in the sectors through this one-stop business trading platform.

Access Worldwide Leading Brands Readily

Many international brands are foraying into this booming market as Cambodia is emerging as an attractive and rewarding investment outlet. Notable exhibits and exhibitors at CIMIF include Germany’s leading flexible packaging machinery manufacturer -- Windmoeller & Hoelscher; plastic machines from Cheso, Huarong, Hangzhou Sebos, Borch, Keenpro, Shini, and Shanghai Jwell; agriculture machinery from Suncue; recycling plastic materials from Toyo Chemical; racking system from AAP; oil seal from Yei Shien; water pump and valves from Li Fu; and power cable & magnet wire from Taya, among others.

As to CTG, it will showcase a wide range of equipment, products and materials from textile and garment sectors. Major exhibits and exhibitors include sewing machines from Jack, Hikari, Supreme, Megasew, Worlden, Leman, and Duma; cutting and spreading machines from E-Show and Yalis; clothing production automatic assembly line from Lisheng; labeling machines from Sin Rong; washing machines from Jianye; and winding machines from Taining, among others.

Moreover, Czech companies are the first-timers at CIMIF. Led by Czech Embassy in Phnom Penh, they will display high-tech security systems, monitoring systems and water treatment solutions. In addition, a group of more than 30 Taiwanese exhibitors, jointly organized by Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) and Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA), will present comprehensive high-performance industrial products, technologies and solutions. 

Insightful Seminar 

With the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft as a co-organizer, an industrial seminar will be held at 14:30, August 23, bearing the most concerned topic ‘‘Enhancing Development of SMEs in Handicraft & Industry Sectors.’’ Attendees can brainstorm with the authorities and find the best ways to strengthen business development of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Cambodia. 

Sharpening Cambodia’s Competitive Edges 

Despite its robust economic performance, Cambodia still has to face the issues of industrial upgrades and ever-rising labor cost. Actually, CIMIF and CTG can help address the problems and drive the industrialization of Cambodia by serving as a valuable trading platform for local trade visitors and high-caliber exhibitors offering latest technologies and products. 
Grow with CIMIF and CTG

Visit CIMIF and CTG, and you will be able to source a wide spectrum of quality industrial machines, learn the latest industrial developments, and partner with key industry players. CIMIF and CTG certainly provide the best opportunity for visitors to access the global value chains and catch up with the development of technology-driven and knowledge-based industries.

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